Corporate Governance & Consulting

Corporate Governance & Consulting

Acting in a regulated and monitored environment corporate bodies and individuals bearing organizational and management responsibilities are involved in a complex and multi-layered procedure in which professional support and guidance are necessary.

Our experienced team of consultants holding extensive experience in corporate matters and governance is in a position to serve our clients on a vast number of issues arising from the day-to-day practice. From legal and organizational support of a corporation to assisting directors to comply with their board duties and in consequence with their fiduciary responsibilities, our firm is a credible partner to a corporation’s path to success.

Supervising complicated and high valued transactions and agreements together with a sophisticated and effective advisory service, drafting and reviewing legal documentation, providing legal opinions and monitoring business decisions comprise a part of a large area of practises and services that can be rendered from our clients being involved in business either domestically or internationally. 

Some of the day-to-day operations that fall within our Corporate and Commercial Law services include:

  • Company formation and company administration
  • Partnership formation and dissolution
  • Corporate management, with full domiciliation services
  • Company liquidation and winding up
  • Shareholder agreements and corporate governance
  • Loan, agency, and distributorship agreements
  • Lease and hire-purchase agreements
  • Share sale and purchase agreements
  • Legal and corporate due diligence
  • Trust Settlement and trust administration
  • Employment law advice

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